Mechanical car problems, contrary to electrical problems, tend to appear accompanied by a variety of sounds and sensations, which are the main indicators that something is not working as it was intended by designers.


An auto mechanic uses a multimeter voltmeter to check the voltage level in a car battery.


Electrical equipment of a modern car, including a whole range of electrical components that affect not only comfortable ride, but also your safety. The main fault, in which the required electrical vehicle diagnostics: – Problems with the car engine running; – Tanning bulbs CHEK ENGINE; – Unstable operation of the […]


The engine – the heart of the vehicle. It is a source of mechanical energy needed for movement and provides efficiency, dynamics, ride and vehicle ekologichnost. The most important indicators of engine trouble are: – Unstable engine robot. Detected diagnosticity scanning device. – Active pressure indicators, oil level or engine […]




If you think that your car had problems in the transmission, check out these 10 most common signs of damage to the gearbox and be one step ahead of unforeseen faults in your cars. The most important indicators of engine trouble are: – Refuses to switch mechanism. – The smell […]

Brake system repairs

When a fault listed below, you should not delay the braking system of the car repair. – At the pedal resistance is weak, easily pressed, and complete inhibition occurs only after a few taps. – Increased stroke of the brake pedal. – Spontaneous vehicle braking. – The car under braking […]



Chassis repair

Chassis car regularly experience heavy loads, and therefore subject to wear. Diagnosis and repair of suspension – the key to your comfort and safety on the roads. If you notice any signs of chassis faults, you should immediately contact to the service station.


Routine maintenance of your car maintenance should be performed to ensure reliable and secure its operation. Timely maintenance helps to identify existing faults, greatly reducing your fuel costs, as well as extend the lifetime of the car. This leads to significant savings of your money and time.