An auto mechanic uses a multimeter voltmeter to check the voltage level in a car battery.

Electrical equipment of a modern car, including a whole range of electrical components that affect not only comfortable ride, but also your safety. The main fault, in which the required electrical vehicle diagnostics:

– Problems with the car engine running;
– Tanning bulbs CHEK ENGINE;
– Unstable operation of the engine failures, loss of power, overheating;
– A fault in the fuel system;
– Incorrect work ALPP, blows, thrashing, jerking;
– Inadequate behavior of lighting fixtures;
– Discharging the battery;
– Irregularities in the windows, central locking, heated seats, windshield wipers, folding mechanisms and heating of mirrors, windshield washer, rear window and headlamps;
– A fault in the electric power steering system;
– Irregularities in the multimedia equipment and navigation systems;
– Disruptions in the regular alarm and security systems;
– Irregularities in the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning the passenger compartment;
– ABS anti-lock system failure:
– Failure TCS traction system;
– Failure ESP stabilization system;
– Failure of passive safety systems AIR BAG:
– Failure of brake force distribution system EBD;
– A fault in the system, all-wheel drive 4WD.

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