The engine – the heart of the vehicle. It is a source of mechanical energy needed for movement and provides efficiency, dynamics, ride and vehicle ekologichnost.
The most important indicators of engine trouble are:
– Unstable engine robot. Detected diagnosticity scanning device.
– Active pressure indicators, oil level or engine operation.
– Extraneous noises while driving.
– Aromas exhaust inside the vehicle.
– Increased the amount of smoke or steam that comes out from the exhaust pipe.
Diagnosis of engine systems produced on the basis of indicators:
– Performance electronic control units;
– The state of the electrical chains;
– Supplying a fuel;
– Oil pressure;
– Compression inside tselindrov.
Engine Repairs may include:
– Repair of the fuel system.
– Cylinder bore.
– Grinding shafts.
– Replace the valve.

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